About Us


In Vacacity near Rajakadu is the 'Akash Engineering Works Limited' situated, where the successful Akash Cardamom Dryer is produced.

Akash Engineers for over 10 years, specialise in the sale and service of Cardamom Dryer.

In an industry that demands only the best, Akash Engineering works has earned a reputation of which we can be justifiably proud. We sincerely hope that in choosing Akash you too will share in our success.

Way back in 2004, founder and present Chairman, M.K Mohanan, started a Engineering unit to meet the needs of the local agricultural community.In its formative years the company specialised in design of several machinery for farmers in the local community as well as the design and construction of its renowned Cardamom Dryer.

Mission and Vision

To provide solutions for the progressive arable farmer through application of knowledge and experience acquired in the fields of machinery and spare parts.To increase and develop the product offering as required, including expansion into new product areas, to establish the business name in the market as a leader in quality and service.To pay our suppliers promptly and recognise their contribution to our success. To maintain the core values of honesty and integrity that have been a foundation for the firm, and to continue this in generations to come.